My impression about Brisbane by Panurat Pipatchayanan

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There are many capital cities in Australia and one of them is Brisbane. For me, Brisbane is a place that once in a life time everyone should have a chance to visit. There are many attractive places in Brisbane and their diverse culture is very interesting.

When people talk about Australia, the first thing that comes to their mind is the kangaroo. Kangaroo is the most impressive thing about Brisbane for me. The animal’s unique features and its jumping agility are really awesome.

Second, Brisbane is a very safe country. In the evening, people tend to stay at home instead of leaving their houses. When adults buy alcoholic drinks from the store, the shopkeeper wraps the bottle with a newspaper. This would help the teenagers not to be aware about the alcohol. I think this kind of practice and culture is very impressive.

Another good thing about Brisbane is the learning environment. There are many parks in Brisbane that students could stay and practice self-tutoring during the day. This kind of environment is an ideal place to study. In addition, the education system has a very high standard too.

Lastly, I would like to say that Brisbane is a must place to visit and an ideal place to study abroad.


Panurat Pipatchayanan

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