About Us

MaBrisbane.com is a website which was ideally built to provide useful information and general knowledge about Brisbane and across Queensland mainly to satisfy purposes such as study, accommodation, tour, business, restaurants etc. especially those that are associated with the Thai community.

Our purposes/objectives

  • To provide information about Brisbane to visitors and local people.
  • To influence people to travel to Brisbane.
  • To promote Brisbane, its businesses, organizations, attractions, events and communities.
  • To act as a medium of communication and information exchange regarding individual/organization’s interests, for example, selling, buying, promoting, recruiting, job seeking, finding share mates, etc.


Who we are

MaBrisbane.com is an Online One Stop Queensland lifestyle portal to people who are interested about the way of life in Queensland and at the same time connects people and multi-communities together without language barrier.

Our goal is to provide essential information to all those who are planning to visit, study, make business investments in Brisbane and other estates in Queensland through our “One Stop Service” platform.


What we do

  • Provide up to date news, trends, lifestyle, entertainment, events and festival Information in Queensland
  • Promote businesses and organizations through our network and audience. Our advertising mediums included are website banner, online/offline activities, articles and print media.
  • Act as a bridge between businesses and their customers around the world 24/7
  • Highly target potential customers through diverse specified categories, based on their interests
  • Provide clear, accurate, and measurable result. Our expert support staff will help you with advices for the best outcome either short term or long term
  • Offer the maximum result from flexible marketing packages that suit your business’ needs and budget
  • Connect and engage people across multi-cultural communities through social network.


Audience Profile

  • Our primary target audiences are students and residents who live in Brisbane as well as visitors and people who are planning to study or travel in Queensland.
  • The largest age group of our readers is between 18 – 24 years, followed by 25 – 34 years



Our services (Ad space/Advertising Options)

Online Advertising


  • Attract your target customers through our diverse specific categories
  • Directly linked to your website, Social Media or Blog



Featured Article

Online Activity

  • Promote your brand through online activities
  • Everybody loves free stuff. Show the public why your brand is worth their attention. Let them try your product/service by giving away vouchers, samples, or prizes

Social Media - Sponsored posts

  • Got any promotion? Let your customers know
  • Do you have any important news or article? Publish it worldwide via “Like” and “Share”
  • Give you live feedback, conversation and engagement from customers
  • Expand your brand recognition and build a network through our fans
  • Be a part of our community

Offline Advertising

Event Sponsorship

  • Logo displayed on event promotional materials
  • Giveaways
  • Activity/Contest
  • Leaflet Distribution
MaBrisbane Booth - Loi Krathong Festival 2015
at Wat Thai Buddharam (Brisbane).
Online Activity - Win a return ticket BNE-Thailand


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