My impression about Brisbane by Worawalan Tansawangkul

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Hi my name is Eye and I’m from Thailand. I have never been to Brisbane before so I searched lots of information through internet, my friends and my family. Some of the facts that impressed me about Brisbane are the following:

1. The population of Brisbane is only 8 million.

2. Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia.

3. 21.7% of the population is multicultural.

4. The weather is often cool.

When I looked at the pictures of Brisbane I was impressed about the eco-friendly environment they have. Even though there are lots of buildings lots of trees also surround the places. This makes the city looks fresh and green.

I also love the beaches in Brisbane. How I wish I’m one of those girls chilling out there during the hot summer season. I think it is a perfect place to go on vacations with your friends and family. If would be given the chance to move I would choose Brisbane. Their diverse culture is impressive to me. I would like to meet different nationalities from all over the world. The education system is also excellent and there are lots of schools to choose from whether public or private. The high technology is very interesting too.

After my research, I can say that Brisbane is an amazing and safe place to stay and to visit. I hope I could visit the place in the future.

Worawalan Tansawangkul

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